Sep 17, 2018

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Discussion


Legends of Tomorrow's newest season is premiering soon, so come here to talk about the season as it airs along with your hopes for it.

Jesus, that was fucking awesome!!


First off, the beginning when they are sitting around bored and start talking about ratings and being at it for four years and needing to something new was hysterical.  Oh god that was so great. 

Then we have the stuff dealing with the unicorn, from brony comments, calling it Twilight Sparkle, to making me think of the squatty potty commercial.  Oh my god that was priceless, as were their hallucinations. 


I wasn't really looking forward to the premier tonight, but god damn I am so glad I watched it.  It was damn fun.  At least until the last few minutes when they had to drag out a mushy discussion with Sarah and Ava.  At least we got to hear about Gary being proud of his lost nipple. 


Seriously though, they do need to connect this to the unfinished story of Constantine.  Have it that the reason the demons were getting out of control in his show was because of what the Legends ended up causing.  It would be a great way of giving the fans of that show closure. 


All in all, this might have been the best premier of the four shows I am watching. 

While not as solid as last week's episode, this one was still funny as hell. I loved every scene with the Fairy Godmother, especially when she was playing the music while casting a spell, ranted about glass slippers, and then refused to help Constantine. All of it was priceless.


The stuff dealing with Nate was interesting, especially because his dad is in charge of the Time Bureau's funding, so I hope they do something more with this aspect. Oh god, and the part when he was holding Rey as a pig was so freaking hilarious.


Another funny moment was when Constantine and Heatwave were arguing with each other.


Other than that, there's wasn't too much going on plot wise, but it was fun nonetheless, which is what it should be. Sad at how Legends has suddenly become the best of the shows when it used to be the worst.

Finally watched episodes 3 and 4. The third episode tettered on being a tad boring, especially the whole rock band plot point. The Nate/Gary stuff was far more interesting and funny than the main plot of the episode. I loved how the plant came to life and then we get to see the aftermath with goo everywhere.

On the other hand, episode 4 was a lot better, especially when they kept making up little mentions to Swamp Thing (like Constantine stating he knows him) and the title of that movie being Swamp Thaaaang was quite hilarious. Watching Ava have no idea how to talk to kids was pretty damn hysterical too. Constantine was a laugh.

Not sure how I feel about them using the Vixen actress to not play Vixen. Why not just have the shapeshifter be in her original form?


Wow, never thought they would be bold and have Ishiro Honda be on the show.  That was pretty cool.  In fact, the Kaiju fanatic in my loved every second of it, especially the fight scene at the end. 


God damn Matt Ryan and gang know exactly what Constantine would do after getting his life saved, smoke.  Speaking of which, the stuff with Nora was fine. 


The Thanksgiving stuff was funny as hell, but I'm not surprised to learn Steel's dad is up to no good.  I wonder if this is going to be the CW version of Cadmus. 

Another really fun episode, but I felt like something was missing. Also, they kept mispronouncing Minotaur.


The stuff with Nora, Ava, and the Asian delivery girl was utterly priceless.


The only issue I have is this is like the sixth episode and we still have no idea where this season is heading plotwise. Not to mention they haven't actually done much of anything with Constantine so he feels wasted. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see some grand adventures (would be better if they put on their costumes though), but by now we should have had some sort of direction as to what the main plot is going to encompass.





Now I'm all kinds of confused.  Is Constantine changing history what Freaky Friday's Barry and Ollie?  If so, then I guess the show does have something to do with Legends even if it isn't the team physically being there. 


Anyway, Constantine was getting mighty CW up in the house. 


Loved all of the horror movie references, especially when Sarah says something like, "We've got a Chucky situation here." 


Ooooooooooooooookay, so Asian girl is into beastiality... creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. 


No idea why Zari turned into a cat.  That seems random and just out there. 

Ray looked so damn hilarious with that fake mustache, but did he really need to make it into a pun at one point? 


I wish we had actually gotten to see New Orleans though.  Talk about a total let down of a setting that was ripe for massive badassery.


Why is the mid-season finale already next week though when the show started later than the others and those ones aren't ending until the week after?


A pretty solid mid-season finale.  It was just all over the place in terms of fun from the big bad 80s over the top action heroes, to the Charlie's Angels bit with Steel's dad being Charlie, but the best part was the muppets moment.  The fact that they broke out into song was absolutely hilarious.  


I also loved the delivery Zari gave with her tongue.  Oh, and emo Ava was hilarious.  Though, I think my favorite moment was when Heatwave and the Fairy God Mother were together.  


The only thing I want to know now is if everthing was reset, does this mean food girl is dead?  She got her stomach slashed pretty badly before everything changed.  


It does suck the show is rumored to not be returning until April (especially if it is because of Batwoman, who was utterly lame as hell in tonight's Arrow).    

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