Sep 17, 2018

Arrow Season 7 Discussion


Arrow's newest season is premiering soon, so come here to talk about the season as it airs along with your hopes for it.

Not sure what to think of this premier. I mean, it wasn't necessarily bad persay, but it wasn't very good either. It was just way too convoluted with too many plot points being thrown at us without any sense of pacing whatsoever. It's like they tossed three episodes into one. Did we really need Diaz's attack on Felicity this soon? It's not like they even bothered to develop their current life for me to even give a damn about their situation. Or am I supposed to care because they told me they have been living it for the last few month's? I'm at a loss here. Oh, and are they seriously saying that the Argus agents arrived to save her and they STILL couldn't catch Diaz? FIRE THEM BITCHES!!!!!

Speaking of Diaz, all I wanted to hear Oliver say to Diggle when he said they'll catch him soon enough was, "Diggle, did you not see his character shields last season? You're never going to stop him without me."

Not sure how sending William to another country and keeping him separated from Felicity is really going to stop Diaz from finding him. Do they really think Diaz gives a crap?

The stuff with Oliver in prison was completely out of character for him. Not to mention boring. Also, what is up with those edits of him seeing Felicity die? They were so poorly put together and felt out of place. Not to mention he'll be back to being GA within four more episodes. Oh, and why the hell doesn't Argus step in and free him? Ugh.

Another bit out of place were those flasback (flashforward?) segments. They're pointless to me. Why do I care what William is doing in the future? Or are they going to have some sort of time travel plot this season? Ugh. Like I said, too many things happening at once and I haven't gotten to the crap with Rene and Black Canary.

Do I even want to? It was stupid. Rene's being stupid. Black Canary is being stupid. STOP BEING STUPID!!

I did like Mr Terrific being part of Argus though. Let's hope they actually do something with him being there.

Overall, like I said, too many things happening without time to really digest it, so my thoughts are as scattered brain and messy as this premier. I guess I'm at least going to tune in as it airs next week for Legends' premier.


No where near as fun as the Legends premier, but no where near as bad as I was anticipating.  I guess this season is going to have enough to keep me at least interested in watching the season as it airs every Monday.  At least for now.  


I don't really get how the future scenes are really going to interact with the present day scenes as that just seems weird.  Unless they are going to somehow connect them with Flash's disappearance in the future and that all of this stuff relates to each other.


Also calling it now, the Argus dude that was snotty to John is working with Diaz.  


I have no idea who the Longbow Hunters are (I just remember that being the name of a miniseries when Ollie had to hunt down BC's kidnapper, not that having anything to do with a group of people), but the dude with the shield is totally the DC love child of Thor and Captain America.  The sound lady was kind of cool and reminded me of Shriek from Batman Beyond and that was a cool fight between her and Siren.  


The stuff with Ollie in prison is kind of meh.  I am curious as to how this accountant dude is going to play into this.  Is he a spy for Diaz or is he actually some dude that is going to end up revealing that the FBI lady is working for Diaz?  I mean clearly she is since she did not live up to her end of the bargain as Felicity straight up stated.  


Other than that, eh, it could have been worse.  Diaz still has his character shields to the max.  I mean the dude got a knife to the shoulder and walked it off.  UGH!


The third episode wasn't bad and it was nice that the FBI lady actually did something. Though, again, when she asked how Diaz managed to get away, someone should have said, "Because he turned his character shields on."


The prison stuff with Oliver is starting ot wear thin on me. It's just not all that interesting and he keeps trusting that "accountant." Why? I wouldn't be surprised if that guy is actually "The Demon."


Oh, and the super model brigade accomplished very little this episode too.


At least the stuff that happened with Lila and John was cool, at least when it came to what they did with the painting. It's nice to see something do spy stuff for once after a long ass time.


Other than that, eh, whatever.




I watched episodes 4 and 5 tonight.  Episode 4 was well beyond boring.  Like oh my god, it took forever for anything to happen and when it did, it was like 45 seconds long.  The most intriguing part of the episode was the stuff in the future and I still don't see how this can even remotely connect to anything happening in the present day.  Unless, that stuff is taking place on another Earth and is going to lead into Elseworlds, but that would require the show to have some forethought.  Lastly, I really wish they would just show who the bootleg Green Arrow is already though as I'm getting really tired of this so called mystery.


Episode 5, on the other hand, was a much better improvement, I guess.  They finally did something with Oliver, though honestly, that whole Level 2 aspect was utterly pointless to the narrative.  He's right back where he started.  


I did like the scene when both Siren and Felicity showed up to talk to Dinah.  Mr Terrific was terrific this episode and it was nice to see him actually do something after like two year's of being a bitch.  


I did chuckle when Talia mentioned having some business in Gotham, but meh.  Let's hope something finally happens in this season next week.  


An okay episode tonight.  Not as boring as some others, but not all that exciting either.  


Felicity, you should have just shot his ass.  Now he is going to end up escaping yet again.  


Not surprised to see the accountant manipulated Oliver.  I saw that coming week's ago when he kept saying things like, "The Green Arrow will save me."


Now I'm wondering if the new GA is actually future Felicity and she created a time machine or something.



This has got to be by far the best episode of Arrow since the middle of Season 6.  This was a truly great episode.  The camera work, especially during the scenes when Olllie first freed himself and then when he and Tiger were on different levels was really excellently shot.  Just simply outstanding.  


On the other hand, jesus, can they have Diaz whisper any quieter?  I could barely hear half of his dialog.  Naturally though, really Oliver, WHY DIDN'T YOU KILL HIM?!  All that's going to happen is the Longbow Hunters are going to free him from prison and we're going to be right back to Step 1 for the third time.  


I knew that "accountant" dude was more than he claimed he was.  Naturally, leave it to Oliver to end up letting a serial killer loose.  Of course, given how many Batman villains this show steals, I was halfway expecting he would reveal his name to be Zasz.  


How many episodes are left to air before the mid-season finale?  I mean, usually these shows end at episode 9, but episode 9 is the crossover, so are they going to leave off at 10 this year?


I have mixed feelings on tonight's episode.  It was saved by its last act, but overall it was a pretty uninteresting episode.  Nothing really happened other than getting to see new drama added to Oliver and Felicity's relationship that we didn't need. 


Also, the future stuff has lost me.  I just don't get what any of what is going on has to do with the main plot nor how it can even crossover with each other.  In fact, it's gotten a tad Zack Snyder in that time.  I hope this thing doesn't last the entire season. 


Oh great, Diaz' character shields are so strong that now Argus needs his help.  GOD DAMMIT!!!!!  LET HIM DIE!!!!!!!!


Can the mayor lady be any more of a bitch?  Good god, she needs to be assassinated real quick. 

The hallway fight was pretty damn awesome and I loved how Oliver went in working for the police. 

Oh look, a long lost sister.  Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.  Last week's episode should have been the series finale.


Lasty, the epilogue leading into the crossover seemed so out of place and jarring.  I didn't even feel like it belonged there as nothing in the episode even remotely hinted at the events for the crossover.  



Man, what a mess Arrow's part was. 


First off, that was the most awkward way of continuing (or ending) Slade's son's story arc from last season.  Like seriously, what the flying fucking hell was that?  If I had been watching these episodes on DVR I would swear that I missed an episode between last week's and this part.  That was just a dreadful way to open up Part 2.


On the other side of the spectrum, I did like the opening segment being narrated by Grant Gustin.  That was hilarious. 


Then we have the Gotham City stuff.  The city itself was way too clean looking, especially if Batman has been gone for 3 years.  Like even the "bad area" looked too normal to be Gotham.  I did love Barry's talk about "The Batman" before they arrived and when he called Ollie "The Original Vigilante."  I did like how they were having that argument as to whether or not Batman is actually real, but apparently he IS real on Kara's Earth.  Interesting. 


Of course, they have been hyping the hell out of Batwoman and she was in the episode for like 2 minutes, if that.  Once again, WHAT THE ****?!  She did jack shit.  Oh, and then we have Shipp's Flash who did absolutely NOTHING!!  Well, I guess he did reveal that Diggle IS John Stewart, so that's cool I guess.


Back to the positive, I did love when our trio were in prison talking about how they should have handled the sitation and Kara says it will never happen again and then we get, "What was that about it never happening again?"  Oh yeah, and the, "Yep, I apparently did sleep with her."  lol


I guess we now know what next year's crossover is going to be, Crisis on Infinite Earth's.  I hope they plan it out to be epic and encompass all 500 of the CW shows out by then. 


The Arkham Asylum stuff was a mixed bag.  We never got to see any actual Batman villains outside of whomever that masked dude was supposed to be (no idea since he looked generic with an orange jumpsuit on).  Seeing Freeze's gun being used and Scarecrow's fear gas was cool.  Also, "Nolan and Burton."  Hahahahahaha.


Now the fight between Ollie and Barry was pretty damn awesome due to the way it was choreographed and shot.  Arrow might be hit or miss a lot these days, but god damn do they know how to film fight scenes.  I wish they would do that with Flash.  Oh hey, the Book of Destiny is written in Flash speak.  Interesting.


Where the hell is Nora in all of this?  Lastly, did they seriously try to hide what was actually going on from Felicity?  Are you guys friggin morons?!


Overall, it felt very rushed with too much going on in such a short time span. 


What the flying fucking hell was this utter piece of dogshit?  I'm not sure which part of this whole episode was worse, the fact that despite having a long break to write a better episode it ended up being the worst of the season, it was down right stupid, or utterly boring.  Take your pick, but this felt like the longest hour ever.  Even with the snoozefest that have been the last two Flash episodes were quicker combined this than stinkfest.  


Let's see, where do I begin?


Oh, Oliver finds it hard to believe that his father would cheat on Moira and have another child with someone else despite knowing that his dad was a worthless piece of shit?  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  I'm sorry, but that's just poor writing.  


Secondly, the entire concept about Emiko.  It's just so god damn stupid.  Also, how did she become a super skilled warrior?  Instead of wasting time with this garbage future plot that can go nowhere since it's in the future, they should have used the time on those pointless flashbacks to make Emiko be an actual character.  Am I supposed to care that someone killed her mother?  Get over it and move on!


Third, yes, the future crap.  It's just that, crap.  I really don't give a damn about any of the stuff going on in this plot.  Felicity's dead?  Oh well, no big loss.  Younger Looking But Older Rene is a "corrupt" mayor?  Cool, don't care.  Rene and his daughter has issues?  Not interesting at all.  Dinah has a scar on her neck?  I guess she lost her ability to Canary Cry.  That's int... actually... no it isn't.  I still don't care.  


Fourth, Diaz still lives and is now going to be a new member of the Suicide... I mean Ghost Initiative (or whatever the hell they called it).  Yeah, this  is stupid.  I mean really stupid.  Like super extremely stupid.  God damn this is fucking stupid.  STOP BEING STUPID!!!!!


Finally, good god, how much longer are these plots going to last.  I'm so god damn bored and we still don't even know who the actual villain of the season is.  Where are the Longbow Hunters?  Shouldn't they be trying to break Diaz out of Argus?  Honestly, if it weren't for the anticipation of Crisis on Infinite Earths next season, I would probably drop this show like I did to Supergirl and Black Lightning at this point.  



This week's Arrow was not too bad.  In fact, it might be one of the best of the season.  It's kind of funny how all of the episodes that do not have the flashforward scenes end up being the best episodes of the season. 


Despite it being obvious, I did like the Matrix type scenario Curtis pulled in Diaz.  However, when Curtis said, "It's just another version of the Suicide..." and Diggle interupted him, I just wanted to hear him say in Willie's voice, "Shhhh, do you want to get sued?"  I wish I could turn that into a meme, but I need that moment of Curtis screenshotted and I can't do that on my TV.  Anyway, it is utter bullshit that they can't even call them by their proper name anymore just because of the movie.  Grow the hell up WB!


The main plot was interesting even if it yet again retreaded old material.  We just had an entire season on Oliver keeping his secrets from the past two year's ago, why are we doing this again?  At least it was done in a more unique manner since the dude was just a nobody. 


I did like the Laurel/Felicity stuff in this episode.  Laurel just looked so uncomfortable getting praised and stuff.  It was kind of funny. 


On the other hand, I hate what they did with Slade's son.  What was the friggin point in having that story last season of Slade looking for his son if they weren't even going to bother letting it actually have a conclusion with Slade involved?  So fucking stupid.


Well this was actually a pretty good episode. It was well paced and while I didn't care for the found footage documentary stuff, it worked within the context of the show. Chimera was a pretty lame ass villain in the long run though.


Oh, and do we really need to go back to pissed off Oliver Jr? We already did that crap last season, we don't need it again. -_-


I did like the bit when Curtis kept dropping names without thinking about the documentary crew being there.


Lastly, I didn't hate the trip to the future because it actually fit with the rest of the episode. At least now we know how Connor becomes the future Green Arrow.






Irony - I finally finish my entire run through of Doctor Who, say, "Well, now that we're done, we can go backt o watch Flash and Arrow as they air."  <Watches this week's episodes and learns they are going on a 3 week break.> "Nevermind then."


Anyway, this week's Arrow was all over the place.  Everything that dealt with the serial killer from the prison (which was obvious) was great, especially when the gang is in that dreary house and Curtis makes the horror movie comment.  Now I know why Dinah has a scar on her neck in the future scenes, but that sucks that they have already taken her out of as being able to be Black Canary.  Then again, come Crisis in the Fall, it might not matter in the long run.  


On the other end of the spectrum, everything in the future continues to be bleh.  I just don't see the point nor why I should care.  Oh, and now Black Star is Williams sister?  Great, as if we don't have enough pointless sibling drama going on.  This show really has no idea what the hell it wants to do anymore.  I swear that the writers are just pulling random plots out of a hat and piecing them together as the ideas are drawn.  At least they didn't drag out the custody of William battle for the rest of the season.  Of course, since he didn't know he has a sister, that means he never meets up with Oliver and Felicity again.


Also, joy, Diaz gets freed in the next episode, how shocking.  So is this season going to ever get some freaking focus or is it just going to remain all over the place?  No seriously, what is going on in the writer's room?  Are they intentionally just dragging their feet to get to Crisis with the hope that they can do something different?  


This episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I've seen this type of story done before a million times and better. Still, it was fairly entertaining when it was during the present day and not the awful future stuff. Too bad Mia didn't die. She's absolutely worthless. Dinah also got a bit too preachy there.


Of course Dante is the one behind Emiko's mother's death, who else would it be? I totally forgot the Longbow Hunters even existed. Glad to know the show still has no idea what to actually do them beyond being plot gimmicks. Imagine if they were actual characters? That would have been cool.


Well, only 15 more episodes to go.


Oh, for some positivity, I loved the camera work for the opening sequence when Siren was in the hallway. That was pretty awesome.


I have a lot of mixed feelings towards this finale.  Granted, compared to Game of Thrones last night, this episode felt godly.  Nevertheless, it was a mess.


First off, the Emiko plot was resolved way too easily.  Like seriously, we spent the last half of the season on it and that's it?  That's how she goes out?  What happened to Virgil and the random woman that showed up?  They just seemed to disappear mid-battle.  


Next up, the cops just being on the side of the heroes again was also random.  Shouldn't we had actually gotten a scene SHOWING this aspect?  Same goes for Bronze Tiger's parole.  Was there no time in the generic rehashed plot a few week's back to show him getting released from prison?

The fight choreography and camera work remained stellar, especially in the computer server room with the way the camera was just gliding across the battlefield.  That was pretty damn awesome.  


On the other hand, the editing between the present day stuff and the future crap was very immersion breaking.  Like oh my god, just as things were getting good in the present, it would then jump right into the future for like 30 seconds, go back to the present for another 30, then back to the future, ad nauseum.  Of course, the future crap was just that, crap.  I really wished Mia had died on top of that buildilng, but thank the gods this stuff is done and over with.  


I had a feeling Monitor was going to show up in the end there, but if you were to stop the episode right as Oliver is sitting in the chair with Mia in his arms, it would make for the perfect series finale moment.  I wonder if this means the next season will be all about the adventures of Oliver traveling through the Multi-verse.  I hope so as that would be interesting and be something different for a show entering its 8th season.  


I expect Felicity will show up in the series finale, but this is a good send off for her and everyone else until Crisis.  


Overall, it was a really subpar season with some really great highs and a lot of massive low points.  It's worst aspects related to the future stuff and that half of this season was just utterly boring.  Diaz was a terrible villain and Emiko was no better.  In fact, the show horribly underutilized Adrian Paul's talents.  he should have had a much BIGGER role than he did.  The best episode of the season for me was the prison break one followed by the one with the documentary-esque style.  The worst, eh, there was a lot and I don't remember them all anymore.  I'm just glad the season is done and over with and the show is going to have a definite ending whether it goes the way the Monitor says it is going to go or ends up changing.  

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