Sep 17, 2018

Flash Season 5 Discussion


Flash's newest season is premiering soon, so come here to talk about the season as it airs along with your hopes for it.

Well that was fairly entertaining, at least until the final scene of the show. Just what we need, ANOTHER villain that is out to kill other villains. As if we don't have enough Rogues dying around already.


I love that Barry now has the Flash ring and the new suit looks quite awesome. Very Silver Age-esque. All he's missing are yellow boots.


Nora seems quite likable and drunk Cisco was hilarious. The same goes for Ralph when he started to do this multiverse theory. lol


So Caitlyn's dad is still alive eh? Why am I expecting her dad is going to turn out to be Icicle?


The bit on the airplane was fantastic and something I've been waiting to see for a few year's now.


Unfortunately, I'm still going to be quite hesistant with this season given how last year started off quite fun and then went into... well... yeah... there. Maybe the writers really learned their lesson for real this time?

Tonight was another enjoyable episode and I'm glad they already showed us who the villain was. Of course, it seems like Nora knows who he is, so this could go either way. I also hope we don't see him kill or nearly kill every villain of the week as that would get quite repetitive. After next week's episode they should use him sparingly and have some episodes of just Flash and Nora having fun.


The stuff dealing with Cisco was hilarious, especially when Ralph started going through his list with him. Oh, and that stylist scene was priceless. I also liked the bit when Cisco talked about fitting the suit back into the ring. Made me think of the JLU episode.



Another pretty enjoyable episode that got me to laugh. I loved how Cisco was giving the gang a doom and gloom speech about the one Wells and he ends up kissing up to them the entire time.


The new Wells is pretty funny and I loved Barry's face when he mentioned she had a tattoo once. Of course Nora has a secret she hasn't told anyone yet. Why wouldn't she CW her motivations?


Cicada is actually kind of cool and I like how he was supposed to be one guy, but ended up being someone else. Probably had his daughter hurt in some battle.


The Flash Museum opening was friggin awesome. I hope they didn't just put all of that money in that set up for 20 seconds of screen time and nothing more ever again.


I do hope this plot with Caitlyn's father allows her to grow since she has been the most status quo character of the entire show.


Lastly, am I the only one noticing that every scene featuring Joe this season has had him sitting down? He is still a cop, right? o_O

Just watched this past week's episode and it was quite fun, though kind of dumb. I could do without the drama between Iris and Nora.


Oh hey, Joe was standing up for one scene!


I also could have done without the scenes of Cicada at the end, but at least there was a purpose to having Ralph and Sherloque investigate his mask.


Spencer was a pretty lame villain as that type of plot has been done to death before. Ghost in the Shell this was not. Though, "Meta Tech" means they can now give us some of the damn rogues and NOT have them be Metahumans. Maybe they can finally give us the proper Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Top, etc.


Lastly, the show's only been on for four episodes and they're already taking a week off? WTF? That's bullshit.

Just watched the episode from this week and it might be the best one of the season thus far. Hell, it may be the best Flash episode since the one where Elongated Man fought Trickster Jr.


Ragdoll is hands down the best villain the show has had in like three years. Not only did he wear a mask, but god damn they really got their horror movie vibe on with this episode. It was so damn awesome. I wish they had done more of him, especially with showing us the fight between him and Elongated Man. Of course, just seeing the outcome was hilarious, so I will give them some leeway for now, as long as they bring him back later and don't kill him.


The stuff with Kaitlyn was not a complete borefest this week, though this plot is taking way too long to do anything. We already know he is going to turn out to be Icicle, just show it already!


I was kind of hoping Iris would get splattered across the pavement though, but I knew it wouldn't happen. Still, one can hope.


Why the hell did the group decide to hijack the satellites JUST NOW? It's been what, six month's since they lost their's?


Overall, a really well done episode despite getting a little too heavy handed in its seriousness.

A tad predictable since I called it weeks ago that Caitlyn's dad was going to be Icicle, but it was still cool nonetheless. Rumor has it that this season is going to be broken up into three arcs with three different lead villains, so I'm betting Icicle will be the next arc. Makes sense, especially since those episodes will end up airing in the winter time, so it's perfect.


On the other hand, I'm ready for this Cicada nonsense to be done. The man's acting is as wooden as his character, so either shit or get off the pot with him! And now he has a doctor helping him? Some great doctor.


Loved the stuff with Elongated Man and Cecile though, especially when she just started climbing all over the couch to tell him off as she is bored out of her mind.


Speaking of which, watching Nora suddenly admiring Iris is so adorable. Too bad it's going to be ruined when they finally reveal what her real purpose for being there is.


Overall, another very enjoyable episode even if it didn't match up with last week's momentum.


Tonight's episode was pretty good. I loved when Kaitlyn and Cisco come into the lab talking about the truth behind Thanksgiving. So funny. Same goes for at the end of the episode when Killer Frost jumps in and is like, "NOPE!"



The Nora plot kind of worked, but felt a little too sudden. Like she was really overacting in her freakout. On the other hand, Weather Witch was kind of cool, but she must be a more recent character in the comics as I don't know her. Loved that her staff was the only reason she has powers, the way it should be.



On the other hand, I really can't stand the actor for Cicada. He is just so damn terrible. Tell him to go back to the forest they found him in because he has no idea what acting is. Hell, the little girl was better than him and she's like 10.


I hope next week is the end of this arc as I'm tired of him. Though, I guess he is not as bad as Diaz is in Arrow.

Dec 6, 2018Edited: Dec 6, 2018

Just watched last night's episode and it was interesting and enjoyable. At first I thought they were going to go and retcon the timeline again to try to prevent Cicada from happening, but nope. Of course, then I got worried it was going to be a clipshow, fortunately, nope on that too.


That scene between Barry, Wells Thawne, and Nora was kind of intense. Though, it's funny how Thawne clearly did not know Nora, which troubled him. Of course, then the last moment happened and I face palmed. I'm not sure if it was because it was quite obvious she was working with someone or if it is because she's not really Barry's daughter. Though, my guess is she is a long distant relative who is part of the Legion of Super Heroes and has been tricked into working for that future version of Thawne pretending to be their daughter and it was Thawne that told her to use the name Nora. Either way, we saw it coming from light years away. UGH!!


That aside, as I said, I enjoyed everything else. Wait no, I didn't like that they let Cicada get away again. I mean, YOU'RE A FRIGGIN SPEEDSTER, WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING AROUND WAITING FOR HIS DAGGER TO RETURN TO HIM? WHY NOT TAKE HIM OUT!!!! Now we have to wait another two week's to see their final showdown. Or at least, what I hope is their final showdown.


Okay, other than those two aspects, it was a good episode. Loved how they handled the old clips and merged them with some new ones. I especially loved Thawne's pizza face comment for Savitar. Same goes for Frost's cricket insult toward's Cicada.


I'm also excited because I can't wait to finally see the Flash ring in action.


Finally, I loved how this episode related back to last week's when we were all trying to figure out why the dagger didn't recognize Barry being a meta when he was in the hospital. Now we know.



Part 1 was pretty enjoyable, though nothing WOW inducing like Earth X was last year.  The Monitor doesn't seem to be doing Monitor things though.  He's suppsoed to be watching the multiverse, not interferring with it.  I hope there is an actual reason as to why he chose that psychologist teacher dude over someone else.


Did we really need the scene we just saw at the end of Arrow and Flash to ALSO be the opening to this?  I'm so sick of that scene already.  


Loved Ralph's "The Day the Earth Stood Still" jokes, but my favorite had to be when Oliver thought Barry did something to change the timeline again.  That was just priceless.  Oh, and Barry's face when Oliver told him he woke up in bed with Iris was funny as hell.  Additionally, Barry trolling Oliver with the arrows in his back was superb too.  


It was nice to see Amazo not be a boat this time around.  


The dude that plays Superman is so much superior to Cavill, although I kind of want him to get a mustache during this crossover just for the hell of it.  lol  Hopefully this isn't the only time he's around.  

Looking forward to Part 2 tomorrow.



Well I watched this week's episode and it was quite boring. I've really got nothing else to say about this one as I didn't really care for it one bit. Probably the worst episode of the season thus far. I liked The Key's super car for all of the 2 minutes she had it for. The best bit though was when Barry started reading Heatwave's novel from the future.


Jesus friggin christ, HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH CICADA?!  This guy is not only a boring ass character, but I am so sick and tired of seeing that dude's inability to act even for a second.  So much for the rumors that this season was going to be broken up into three arcs.  We're stuck with this wretch for another 12 episodes at this rate.  How is it so damn hard to beat him?  All Barry had to do was knock him out and then it would have been down and over with.  But no, he walks away knowing he wasn't unconcious just to talk to Nora.  -_-


Speaking of Barry, great, we're back to Season 3 Mopey Emo Barry.  Joy.  Just went I thought the writers had finally learned their lesson here they go again, making the same mistake they made the last two seasons.  God dammit!  It's not that hard to write a positive character people.  Comic book writers have been doing that with Flash for decades.  Why does CW seem inept at doing so?

Then we had the boring ass subplot of Kaitlyn and Killer Frost.  Ugh.  


It's also so nice of them to give us a room full of metas and not even show them actually do anything.  

This episode was just as boring as it was last week because I'm so sick and tired of Cicada.  He is not the least bit interesting.  


I'm also really starting to dislike Sherloque.  Not because of his investigations on Nora, he's the only one not blinded by her fake ass charm, but because he's just an annoying character.  I know Kavanaugh is doing the best he can with what he has to work with, but clearly the dude is not enjoying this character either.  He looks to be as bored as I am watching the show.  


Also, how many excuses can they make for Joe each week?  Last week it was being up in the mountains to keep his daughter safe and now he's in Tibet?  Why couldn't he just be up in the mountains still?  I really hope Martin comes back soon because show is really showing its inability to hold its own without his presence around and he's not even the lead character.  


Just like with Arrow, if it weren't for CoIE next year, I am at the point where I just want to scream and call it done.

Hey, look at that, an actual somewhat good episode. YAY!!!!


I liked this one quite a bit because everything inside the minds felt like a horror movie. In fact, being that I'm playing RE2 remake right now, all I thought of when Mind Cicada was chasing after Nora was my being chased by Mr X. lmao


The best scene was when Grace just went all out psycho on Nora. God damn was that awesome.


I also loved watching the Reverse Flash suit come to life. The Flash Museum bit was badass.


The Cisco and Ralph stuff was fine as it was nice to see some heroes just having a night off for a change.


On the other hand, yet again, NOTHING was resolved. Seriously, what happened to this season being broken up into 3 arcs? Why are we still watching Cicada? At the rate they are going, Barry will offer him the cure in episode 22.

Another semi lackluster episode, but I guess it could have been worse. I did think Barry's fake speech about being Nobody was pretty badass and their fight against "Goldface" was kind of cool.


On the other hand, I really wanted Cicada to kill Iris. She would have deserved it. It also would mean that Nora would cease to exist.


The stuff between Nora and Sherloque was just down right groan inducing though. Am I seriously supposed to believe she actually felt bad for the dude after hearing from his ex-wives when she was doing this whole thing out of selfishness? God I hate her.


Irony - I finally finish my entire run through of Doctor Who, say, "Well, now that we're done, we can go backt o watch Flash and Arrow as they air."  <Watches this week's episodes and learns they are going on a 3 week break.> "Nevermind then."


This week's Flash may have been like the coolest episode of the season, or it may have been the worst due to it reusing the Groundhog's Day trope.  Whatever the case may be, I was highly entertained.  Watching Nora get frustrated at her inability to save everyone was quite funny.  Although, it's a shame we saw everyone BUT Iris die at least once.  


Poor Cisco.  I have no idea why the man would even think of trying to be someone he's not in the first place.  That just feels very un-Cisco.  


I'm glad Barry talked to Nora about what her altering the timeline 52 times could have done.  No idea why DC has this obsession with 52 still.  That's so 2011.  


The worst part of the episode was that the team yet again let Cicada get away.  Nora could have easily knocked him out with a speed force punch after he had been stabbed in the shoulder.  Ugh, I am so fucking sick of Cicada.  Can we please get rid of him already and move on to someone else?  Or just move on to having stand alone stories up until the season finale?  

This episode was bad. Not the worst of the season, but bad because Nora clearly can't act well enough to hold an entire episode up on her own. So it seems like she was always a whiner even before she knew she had powers. Also, I could have sworn she said she always knew Flash was her father.


Oh yeah, Iris seems to have the same de-aging surgery that Felicity, Roy, Dinah, and Laurel have.


I did like the little twist with Godspeed that he was more like Zoom than a real speedster. I also laughed my ass off at the museum dude saying, "Nora West-Allen for your sake and mine, please call your mother."


Barry is back to being a dick. I just don't get the incosistent writing with him. I know he's mad, and I agree with his decision, but it seems so out of character. He was the one that even told Nora a few episodes back that it is possible for a villain to redeem themselves. Now he's just like, "NOPE!"


Lastly, someone needed to slap Iris this episode. She down right belittles Sherloque for not telling them about his suspicions on Nora, BUT she was the bitch who told him to not even speak ill of her or do any sort of investigating on her.


Some parts I liked, some parts I did not. The fight in CCPD was pretty cool. On the other hand, I was getting really annoyed with Barry and Iris treating Nora like a child. At least even Nora brought up that she is an adult to them.


Not surprised that Thawne really was manipulating Nora, as it was written all over this show since Day 1.


I have to say that this is the first time in months that I shrieked "AWE COME ON!" when the episode ended. I'm not sure if that is because I am ready for this season to be over with so I can be rid of Nora and Shitcada, or if it is because I was genuinely not ready for the show to end.


Joes speech was pretty cool, though kind of moot considering 45 seconds later Cicada attacks everyone.

Now THAT'S a finale!! Not only did I get my wish of watching Nora cease to exist, but god damn was that fight against Thawne amazing. Of course, the best scene of the episode was when Thawne murdered all of the guards and then everything rewound on him. That was so badass! I haven't been this satisfied with a Flash season finale since the second season. I'm glad to see that while the vast majority of this season was bad, they managed to at least make the trek worth it. I also loved it when Thawne said, "See you next Crisis."


It was also a nice send-off for Cisco and I'm glad his final moments with powers was him getting to own Thawne for a few minutes. It's too bad they never utilized his Portal Gun abilities to that extent before, but oh well.


Loved that Singh knew Barry was Flash at the end there and it will be interesting to see Joe be captain now.


I kind of figured the finale would have a tease for Crisis, though, like Arrow, you could kind of cut the episode off before that tease and this could act as a series finale for those that want to drop ship.


I really hope the next season the show returns to being comic booky, drops the grim dark attitude, drops Barry's alzheimer-like moments, especially when it comes to killing, and starts doing some stand alone episodes. I also want them to bring the Rogues together finally and do them right.


It may not have been a flawless finale, but like I said, I was satisfied.

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