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Current Projects

In 2015 we started simply with video reviews on Godzilla and have exponentially grown since then.  Here is a breakdown of the types of projects we have taken on at Creativity by Design.

TV & Movie Reviews

Here you can learn more about the diversity of cinema in a comedic and informative manner!

Press Coverage Image 4.jpg

Press & Event Coverage

We create introspective highlights of the entire event to engage and attract new audiences.

Cosplay Photography & Interviews

Promote creativity throughout the community and empower confidence in oneself.

Celebrity & Industry Interviews

Engaging in insightful interviews with professionals on their goals and inspirations.

Panel Design &  Presentation

Presenting interactive materials on a wide range of topics to educate, entertain, and empower.


Social Media Development

Supporting businesses and leaders with developing engaging social media content to transform their relationships. 

Event Planning 

Collaborate with organizations and individuals to design and run events for large and small venues. 

Professional Materials Design

Design a wide range of business materials including marketing, sales, training, and human resources.


Business Consultation & Development

Consult with small to medium size businesses to enhance their business initiatives, promote team cohesiveness, and engage the community.  

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