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Who We Are

Founded by a husband and wife team as a hobby for fun in 2015, Creativity by Design has worked to become a media organization focused on entertainment, education, and engagement.  Starting out with a simple camera and a dream, we have created videos and public panels that we wanted to see.  Upon seeing the response from the community, we knew that we hit the mark and helped others find a voice to express themselves in numerous venues.  Since then, we have worked to create dynamic media for ourselves, external organizations, and the community at large in a fun manner!!


As this could not have been accomplished without you, Marcus and Kelly humbly thank you for your support.  Please continue to join us in designing creative media for all the world to see.

Our Mission

To use entertainment to redefine the way you learn!


We seek to use entertainment in all of its forms to engage, educate, and enhance communications throughout the community.  We look to partner with all organizations to help maximize their market advantage through inclusive and appealing mediums that resonate with their audiences. 

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