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Since starting in 2015, our team has grown to include dynamic media relations, educational content, press interviews, and introspective looks into our community at large.

Here is an introduction to each of our team members below!



Founder and Content Director

Marcus, originally from Buffalo, NY, moved to Denver, CO with his wife Kelly in 2006. He graduated from Buffalo State College in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and University of Phoenix in 2011 with a Masters in Elementary Education.  Having worked in customer service, sales, and education for over 15 years he is very familiar with how to connect with audiences on a number of subjects.  Understanding the value of professional and engaging communications, Marcus has been able to adapt complex materials to ensure there is an entertaining and educational message to capture the audience’s attention. 



CO-Founder and Marketing Manager

Kelly moved from Buffalo, NY to Denver, CO with her husband in 2006 to start a new adventure across the country.  Through her education and professional experiences, she has a diverse background.  Starting with an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2000, she has recently received her Master’s in Education with a specialization in Performance Management.  Likewise, Kelly has worked in human resources and leadership roles since 2001, collaborating with team to successfully implement processes to maximize staff development and enhance client relations.  Understanding how the big picture can affect all aspects of the organization, she is able to analyze and identify strategies to communicate a message effectively. 



Social Media Manager

Sam is a Colorado Native, having lived in the mountain towns prior to moving to Denver in 2004.  He has a love for all things creative, be it cooking, gaming, and photography.  Having an eye for the unique, Sam is able to capture the passion in anything he puts his mind to. Having worked in customer service and sales since 2004, he understand the demands of the community and works hard to ensure he can match those goals efficiently.  Through his degree in Culinary Arts from Red Rocks Community College, Sam understands the importance of developing a formulaic and adaptive approach to obtain success.  

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