Sep 17, 2018

Black Lightning Season 2 Discussion


Black Lightning's newest season is premiering soon, so come here to talk about the season as it airs along with your hopes for it.

Wow, they just killed Syonide off within the first five minutes of the show. That leaves only two characters left I like. This season is not off to a great start. Of course, that's also because this episode was down right boring.


Also, it was getting a little Marvel up in that hallway scene. :-)


Not sure I'm going to watch this one as it airs unless I have nothing better to do.

I'm so glad they decided to invest so much time on Nyssa and her relationships while just telling us about the things the wind girl did off-screen.  That was so wonderful.  -_-  


Same goes for watching BL and Thunder clean up the street while letting the girl just walk away without even a confrontation.  


With that said, Tobias is the ONLY thing keeping me tuned in as this was another lackluster episode.  Yet again too much was going on, making the whole thing poorly paced.  At least they seem to be building up something with Tobias, though I'm worried the expectation is going to exceed what actually occurs when it does, or that they are going to spend the next 20 episodes having it lead up to the season finale.  

Jesus, this season has no sense of pacing whatsoever. I feel like I just watched 4 episodes crammed into one. Way too much happened and Tobias getting captured seemed way too easy. Then again, given how easily they killed off Syonide, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


Principal Cracker needs to pull that stick out of his ass because right now, he is nothing more than a worthless weasel that has no business being in a school. Is he even allowed to be anywhere near a school with a face that clearly screams "pedophile?"


Also, is it just me, or did they have the rap music at the beginning of the episode turned up way too loud to the point that it was drowning out the news report? I could barely make out a word that was being said.


Poison, you are no Salamanca, let me tell you that right now. All that scene did was make me wish I was watching a new episode to Better Call Saul.


Finally, I totally buy that the priest dude is actually using the money to buy the frozen kids back. Yep, he isn't a squirmy lowlife shithead one bit. Nope, not at all.


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