Aug 28, 2018

Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation?


Which of these do you think are the best because I've playedapplayed at least one of their systems each and really enjoyed

I will always choose Playstation over any others if it came down to it. Sony just tries to do so many new things with their IPs while Nintendo likes to stay in the safe zone more often than not. As for Microsoft, there were only two games this entire generation I wanted to play as they are severly lacking in the first party area that isn't FPS's.

Aug 30, 2018

I've always been a Sony fan, but ever since I got the Wii I started to like them both. I don't have any X Box system and never was I even interested in getting an X Box.

Aug 30, 2018Edited: Aug 30, 2018

I grew up with the original NES and SNES, so I will always be a Nintendo fan (Super Metroid is the greatest video game ever made), but I also had the Sega Genesis as a kid, so I never understood the one system household mindset. For me, I have had many consoles that had games on it. It's just that as I got older, and had to start working, I had to start becoming more picky with what I played.


Curious though Shinobi and Arcadial (and anyone else that joins in later), what are you favorite games for each system you liked/played?


Mine are:


NES - Ninja Gaiden II

SNES - Super Metroid

Genesis - Sonic 3

Sega CD - Sonic

PS1 - Resident Evil 2

PS2 - GTA Vice City

Dreamcast - Resident Evil Code Veronica

GameCube - Resident Evil Remake

X-Box - Ninja Gaiden

PS3 - Red Dead Redemption

Wii - Metroid Prime Trilogy

360 - Perfect Dark Zero (yes, I loved that game for some reason)

Wii U - Mario 3D World

PS4 right now - The Witcher III

Gameboy - Metroid II

GBA - Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

DS - New Mario Bros

3DS - Ocarina of Time

Game Gear - Sonic

PSP - Final Fantasy IV


BTW, I do have a video game area in Arts & Entertainment, so when I figure out how to do so, I will probably move this topic to there.




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