Sep 17, 2018

What did you just purchase?


Edited: Sep 17, 2018

Simple, what did you just purchase?





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  • 1) Do you watch mecha anime and if so what are your top 5 favorites? 2) What would be your top 5 favorite Kamen Rider series? 3) Any intention of reviewing anything from the Metal Heroes line of tokusatsu series?
  • So in the last few months I started putting my Youtube channel to actual use and began creating my own content. Currently, I'm in the middle of my current mini-series of making response videos to Nostalgia Critic's Jurassic Park reviews since I'm a fan of the franchise and he made waaaaaaaaay too many mistakes to overlook, then will move on to other topics once I'm done with it. My next video is going to be this Saturday, so stay tuned.
  • Which of these do you think are the best because I've playedapplayed at least one of their systems each and really enjoyed

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