Sep 17, 2018

What Super Sentai series are you currently watching?


Share what Sentai series you are currently watching.

Sep 17, 2018

I've been re-watching Gingaman lately, as I not-so-patiently await Shout's Jetman release. Ginga is one of those shows I can pretty much watch anytime and never get tired of. It was the first Sentai I ever saw about 18 years ago, so there's a nostalgia to the show for me.

Gingaman's quite good, though a flawed series (as you probably know if you have seen my review of it).

Sep 19, 2018

Yeah, it's certainly got a few issues. As you mentioned in the review, the Daitanix plots did get kind of repetitive. It didn't take away from my enjoyment, but there was a hint of déjà vu after a while.


The only thing that really bugged me though during my re-watch was the half-assed resolution of Hyuuga's story.


((Spoilers for those who haven't seen Ginga))


Suddenly getting his Earth Power back just through... force of will or whatever. I wasn't real into that. To me, defeating Zahab, but giving up his Earth Power and his home in the process would've been a much more impactful ending. War has consequences, there are losses on both sides. It would've been nice to see the show use Hyuuga's situation to reflect that. Have him (and the others who would naturally stand by him) unable to return to Ginga Forest, forced to find a new place in the world.


You know what, I never even realized he got his Earth power back in all of the times I have watched the show. Now I need to watch it again.

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