Aug 30, 2018

My Channel


So in the last few months I started putting my Youtube channel to actual use and began creating my own content.


Currently, I'm in the middle of my current mini-series of making response videos to Nostalgia Critic's Jurassic Park reviews since I'm a fan of the franchise and he made waaaaaaaaay too many mistakes to overlook, then will move on to other topics once I'm done with it.


My next video is going to be this Saturday, so stay tuned.

Nice! Nostalgia Critic doesn't seem like he is a science fiction fan at all, so I end up disagreeing with a lot of his reviews around that genre. It never seemed like he truly cared about reviewing them, he just did so because he felt required to do so (like The Matrix). Though, I do love his JP3 review. "Alan!"

Aug 30, 2018

And boy do I have some stuff to say about that one. Not sure if you saw my tweet about it, but I mentioned that I wrote three pages for one single rant (more like multiple rants regarding one point of his review). And this is supposed to be my least favorite movie of the series, yet my script is far longer than all my videos! How the hell did I do that?!

Sep 1, 2018

My new video is up.



Now that the con stuff has cooled down and I've gotten my Goranger review out, I might actually have time to watch this video this week.

Oct 1, 2018


Let's start first by sharing with you 10 scariest horror movies I've seen:


Oct 6, 2018


Finally got a claim for visual content after publishing a video. It's for the Exorcist 3 portion and I'm not sure if it's worth a re-upload. Again, I don't receive money from all this, but it ticks me a little bit that someone is receiving money from my work. But then again, I don't own the content I'm using, so...

I know that feeling. Hell, my Halloween 5 review hasn't even been released to the public and it already got a copyright claim.

Nov 21, 2018

Something I had to say


Frankly, if another YouTuber is that offended, sucks to be them. Although, I do have a funny story to bring up in my next news report about Blockbuster Buster putting the BLOCK in his name on my Twitter account.

Nov 30, 2018

Well that was a mess. Back to regular schedule with my new series.




Man, you have been on this HUGE JP kick recently haven't you? It's like how I have been with Doctor Who.

And now to something Godzilla-related.



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