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Kamen Rider Zero-One out on Blu-Ray on Jan 25th, 2022.

It's happening folks! Shout! Factory is bringing to us the first ever physical release of a Kamen Rider series to America with Kamen Rider Zero-One. This Blu-Ray set includes all 46 episodes to the series, the five clipshow episodes, and the movie that concludes the show's plot. Furthermore, they are selling it all for an amazingly low SRP of $59.99, which I am blown away by. I expected this set to be at least a hundred dollars based on the cost of the license alone. Shout! Factory has also stated the sales of this set will determine the future of Kamen Rider in America as far as physical media is concerned. Thus, go out right now and preorder it, and if you preorder it from Shout! directly, they include an 18x24 poster of the disc's cover art. This is not a release to miss!

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