Sep 17, 2018

Lupinranger vs Patranger Discussion


Come here to talk about your thoughts and hopes for the 42nd Super Sentai series.


To sum up my feelings in a few words, I thought it started out great and then took a major dip in quality after Noel came in. The show is quite boring now and the villains have done absolutely nothing.

Sep 17, 2018

I gave up on Lupin vs. Pat after like four or five episodes. I really wanted to like it, but the show just wasn't doing it for me. I think mainly because it felt so unbalanced. Lupinranger were written as these smooth, capable bad-asses while the Pat team just felt like the butt of the joke. I love the idea of two opposing Ranger teams, but if they're going to do that, it shouldn't come off so one-sided. The two, or really the three sides including the villains, should be on more/less equal ground.


I probably will go back and watch through the series once it's complete. I couldn't stick to it week to week, but I am curious to see the rest of it.

The Patrangers definitely got better around episode 10 as they started to do stories focusing on them, but judging by how these last several episodes have been, you were better off just dropping the show early on.

Dec 11, 2018

Wasn't sure about it at first, but ended up loving LvP. Ending probably would be lacklustre like it was with Zyuohger, but otherwise it's easily the most fan I had with the franchise since Gokaiger. Really like all characters and episodic stuff was mostly superb.

I've been the opposite ever since around episode 20. I felt it feel apart at that point as nothing was happening plot wise. Not to mention the villains are pretty much wallpaper.

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