Sep 17, 2018

Goranger discussion


Now that I have reviewed Goranger, let's talk about the show. Tell me your favorite episodes, the episodes you liked the least, your favorite moments, characters, whatever.


It was nice to pull up a surprise review like this on people. I saw that Rampge Subs had subbed up to episode 70 back in July, so I started watching it then with the expectation that I would probably watch 3 episodes, then let it sit for a few weeks before I watched more, and that I would slowly work at it in hopes that I could do the review for Christmas assuming Rampge finished the show by then.

To my amazement, not only did I enjoy it so much that I found myself watching 5-7 episodes a sitting, and keeping up with it quite consistently between discs of LSR and Time Force, but then Rampage finished th subs and I just went all out. I think what also helped me speed up my process was that lingering fear that I was going to get to like episode 70 and then Shout! Factory would announce they were going to release it next year or something.

The show was absolutely amazing and so entertaining. It had the right balance of comedy and drama as it knew when to be silly, and when to be serious. In fact, while it may not break my top 10, it is most definitely an honorable mention as I think it is better than every 80s Sentai show I have watched thus far along with being better than everything after Gokaiger.

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