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Two More Showa Sentai Shows Fansubbed: JAKQ and Denziman.

Que the Final Fantasy victory music as this month has been quite a special occassion for Super Sentai fans as not just one Showa era show has been fully fansubbed, but TWO!

First off, we have the follow up to Goranger/Gorenger, JAKQ Dengekitai, which was completed just hours prior to this post by the amazing Metallic Subs. You can find his release of JAKQ at the link below:

Next up is the successor to Battle Fever J, Denshi Sentai Denziman (or Denjiman if you were prefer, but Toei's official English spelling as of this moment is with a Z). Berndadelt Subs spent the last few months working on this show and they just recently had completed this one too. You can acquire them here:

This is a momentus occassion as now it means there are only 3 Super Sentai series that have yet to be fully subbed which are Dynaman (currently 36 episodes are released from MFC), Flashman (1-12 from GUIS and a variety of episodes from Deadfish with Metallic saying that will be the next show they tackle), and Turboranger (32 episodes have been subbed thus far by Wandering Moonbeams).

Thanks to the official releases by Shout! Factory and these amazing fansubbers, we are at the home stretch of having the Super Sentai franchise completely available subtitled at our fingertips. Let's hope those 3 series can get completed in the near future and that Shout! Factory continues to release more series so we can support our favorite shows officially. Nevertheless, enjoy.

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It is.


Jun 29, 2019

This is such a great time to be a western toku fan

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