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The Strangers Prey at Night Review

I kind of liked the first one that came out ten years ago, so I was kind of hoping this would be good too. Granted, the first one was not the greatest horror movie ever, but it did have some really good moments to it and an interesting idea. This, however, is just a complete waste of time. No, it isn't down right terrible, but it has got to be one of the longest 77 minute movies (before credits) I have ever sat through. It took FOREVER for something to happen. Now that could have been fine as that meant we should have grown to like the characters. Unfortunately, the family was not even remotely interesting and their deaths just felt uninspiring. Also, the killers have no backstory, no development at all, which means this movie pretty much just copies its idea from the first film and does nothing to expand on it. Though, I do remember the killers at least being interesting. None of that is here. I guess if there is anything positive to say about it it is that it did have some atmospheric scenes thanks to the giant trailer park/camp/resort/whatever it was. I give it a 4/10.

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