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Sorry to Bother You Review

A masterfully crafted film about corporate greed and our current viewpoints in America, "You get used to it." The first two-thirds of the film is absolutely brilliant as Lakeith Stanfield continues to demonstrate how much of an impressive actor he is (hell, he was the only actor who actually tried in Netflix's Death Note adaptation), portraying a man who begins the film without a job and how the greed of money influences his decision making as he ascend the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, the movie's final act is extremely jarring and feels out of place, which really broke the immersion. I completely understand what they were going for from a social commentary standpoint, but it just didn't gel with me in my book. As such, I have no choice but to give the film a 7/10 as it stampeded over my enjoyment of the film. I feel like I suddenly started watching a different movie.

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