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Sentai News Galore: New Series Reveals and More Series Fansubbed.

These last few days have certainly been interesting for those of you that are Super Sentai fans.

To start, Toei has released some photos of their next series, Mashin Sentai Kirameiger, which appears to be premiering on March 8, 2020. Based on the early scans it looks to be a vehicle themed series. No plot details have been released thus far, but the suits are quite intriguing as you can see some rangers have what looks to be broken up lines on their body sashes while others have a straight line. Speculation is that the ones that look like a street are car based rangers while the ones with the straight line are air based ones. Some additional scans below:

Next up, Metallic Fansubs has completed subbing not just one Sentai series, but in fact TWO! They are 1981's Goggle V and 1982's Dynaman. Some of you may know that Million Fold Curiosity had been subbing Dynaman but then suddenly in 2017 they stopped at episode 36 with nothing released since then. As such, Metallic took it upon himself to sub the show in full for the community. We should all praise him for his hard work, especially since he also gave us JAKQ, Flashman, Jiraiya, Metalder, and Jiban earlier this year.

He also announced his next series will be the second Space Sheriff series Sharivan and he is working with another fansub group to release B-Fighter Kabuto.

This momentus occassion leaves Turboranger in being the only series left incomplete with Wandering Moonbeams working on it.

You can check out his releases here at:

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