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RIP Stan Lee

Today, the entertainment industry mourns the passing of an icon who has been around since before many of us have been born. Stan Lee was ready to quit the industry back in the 1960s when his friends encouraged him to do one more comic, one that would become known as The Fantastic Four.

The success of The Fantastic Four would inspire Lee to help create a plethora of everlasting characters that have gone through a variety of iterations, adaptations, and more throughout various mediums be it comics, novels, movies, video games, or television series. There is hardly anyone in the world that does not at least know Spider-Man, who was even given his own live action Japanese program by Toei, which featured the first ever live action mecha. Furthermore, this adaptation led to Lee wanting to bring Super Sentai to American shores more than a decade before Haim Saban did so under the Power Rangers banner. Not to mention that it was Lee himself who thought up the idea of replacing the Japanese actors with American ones.

Now that is not to say all was great as Stan Lee did have his moments of questionable moral choices. Nevertheless, the man was a showman and a pioneer whe helped Timely Comics relaunch themselves during the silver age of comics, becoming known as Marvel Comics. Together with the help of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita Sr., among others, Lee revolutionized super heroes from being as one dimensional as the paper they were printed on to becoming fully fleshed out characters who were just as much people as they were super heroes. Whether it was the Thing's grim outlook on life for being viewed as a monster, Peter Parker dealing with the hardships of high school life, to even the prejudice the X-Men faced for being born differently from the norm, there is no denying that without Stan Lee's implementation, most of these concepts may not have become the icons they are today.

Rest in peace Stan Lee, you will always be remembered for your hard work and what you brought to the industry.

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