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Mill Creek Announces Ultraman R/B for Blu-Ray in October Along With Some Updates on Other Series.

It's been a busy week with the US premier of Kamen Rider Heisei Generations, a rumor that has been spreading around about Hasbro divorcing Toei, leaving questions about who is going to get custody of Power Rangers, and the celebration of Ultraman Day.

Due to this, I totally missed that Mill Creek revealed that 2018's Ultraman R/B will be coming out to Blu-Ray on October 13th. Assuming nothing Covid-19 related gets in the way, that is.

Furthermore, Mill Creek also announeced that they are partnering up with Shout! Factory for streaming several of the Ultraman series on Shout!'s streaming services and Tokushoutsu network. Ultraman Leo was only available on there, but now it looks like every series they have released on Blu-Ray will be available along with others that do not have physical releases yet such as Ultraman Max and Mebius.

In addition, Sci-Fi Japan's Keith Aiken participated in a live stream with YouTuber Kaijucast to talk about some updates on Mill Creek's licenses and releases. To start, they have changed their plans to only doing one release a month in order to help those who might not be able to afford multiple releases in one month. Therefore, it was revealed that Ultraman Taro has been pushed back until early 2021. The mural on the current string of Showa releases will end with Leo, however, Ultraman 80 is planned for a release despite not being part of the mural.

Ultra Q Dark Fantasy is not available to license right now due to it being a co-production with another company. The same goes for the 90s Ultra Seven series, the Hanna Barbera cartoon, Powered Up, and Towards the Future. They're license does not include Taiga and Z given they are newer series done after Mill Creek made a deal with Tsuburaya. They do have a series called Ultraman Kids 3000 along with Ultra Seven X, Mebius, Max, Dyna, Gaia, Tiga, the Zero series/movies/specials, Ultraman Saga, and Ultraman Galaxy Mega Battle.

Finally, Mill Creek also has licensed Gridman.

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Jul 13, 2020

Gridmanh as me very excited.

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