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Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Ultraman Gaia (1998) Series and DVD

As Ultraman Dyna grew to a close, Tsuburaya was unsure as to how they wanted to proceed with the franchise for their follow-up installment that was set to premier immediately after Dyna’s finale. Protecting the environment and telling us how much we suck as a race had become quite a prominent story telling aspect throughout the 1990s. Therefore, Tsuburaya hired Chiaki Konaka, who helmed an environmental episode in Towards The Future, to take on the role of being the head writer to the next series, which was ultimately titled Ultraman Gaia. As with every environmental social commentary, the question comes to mind, can you do an tell a story without making it feel like you are talking down on your audience? Or was Konaka just shouting his beliefs at the us? Let’s find out.

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