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Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Return of Ultraman (1971) Series and Blu-Ray

With Ultra Seven closing, Eiji Tsuburaya felt satisfied with his trilogy of Ultra shows and wanted to end the franchise right there. However, the fans felt otherwise and craved more. Thus, Tsuburaya came up with an idea for a series that would be a direct sequel to Ultraman, only to pass away before realizing his concept. Eiji’s son, Hajime, decided to continue on with his father’s idea of bringing the franchise back, but decided the main hero would be a different character from the original, which further developed the idea that there were multiple heroes out in the universe using the name Ultraman. It did bring in some confusion with audience, which is why Tsuburaya Productions finally decided to name this series’ hero Ultraman Jack in 1984. Is Ultraman Jack, a return to form, or did Hajime and writer Shozo Uehara know jackshit about his father's creation? Watch to find out.

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