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Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Kamen Rider Zero-One (2019) Series and Blu-Ray

Toei rehired Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's head writer Yuya Takahashi to launch the newly established Reiwa era of Kamen Rider. This new series, titled Zero-One, would be set in a cyberpunk-esque world where human-like machines known as Humagears have become a part of everyday life in assisting mankind in whatever fits their needs. The show was a hit, however, thanks to the annoyingly awful pandemic deemed Covid-19, Zero-One suffered a variety of production issues that included a reduced episode count, certain plot lines having to be dropped or merged together, and what was supposed to be the summer movie ended up becoming the show’s finale in December of 2020. Despite all of these annoyances, does Zero-One make you believe that Humagears do dream of electric sheep? Let’s take a look at Zero-One to find out.

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