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Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Ju-On The Curse (2000)

Director Takashi Shimizu worked on a few brief segments for a television series called School Ghost Story G, which is where he introduced the ghost of a child and that of a young woman with wicked body contortions. The segments were popular with viewers to the point that Shimizu ended up featuring those characters in a pair of full length, direct to video, feature films. He titled the series Ju-On: The Curse, and it revolved around a haunted house where the inhabitants will chase down anyone who steps across their threshold until they are dead. It was such a simplistic concept, and yet, one that managed to frighten audiences. After all, there is nothing worse than becoming haunted by a ghost all because you innocently walked into a house. The duology was such a hit it launched an entire franchise spanning some theatrical films, internet movies, books, and even several American adaptations including a Netflix original television series. Was Ju-On The Curse worthy of this notion, or should this one be exorcized? Watch to find out.

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