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Horror Movies - Cruellica's True Love!!

Horror is a polarizing genre that has a very definitive line between loving or hating it. Although casual fans exist, true horror connoisseurs are very passionate about the films. Unlike other movie genres, horror can encompass everything such as romance, mystery, and period pieces. Likewise, it can be truly awe inspiring in its presentation.

That is not to say it cannot have terrible adaptations either. No genre is perfect…..

What makes horror so polarizing though, is how it pulls emotion from the audience. Think about fear or anticipation when watching a movie. While other films have this, only a horror movie can have both simultaneously. You as the audience fear the actions taken by the characters and anticipate the success or demise. Such a reaction can only be found in this genre. Also Horror can give the audience another emotion, hope. Hope that the evil characters get their just desserts or that the innocent bystander survives.

I know this narrative is coming from a horror fan and can be partially biased, but think about it. Consider the last horror movie you watched. What did it make you feel as part of the audience? Did you feel more emotion than a romance, western, comedy, or mystery?

Thinking about what’s above, what is your favorite horror movie? Why is it your favorite movie?

As said in the Shining, come join us........


Cruellica Kain

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