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Hasbro's Lightning Collection Collector's Power Ranger line has been revealed!

Hasbro has revealed at New York Toy Fair this weekend the figures and packaging for their first wave of their new collector's Power Rangers line deemed, "The Lightning Collection."

Ranger wise, the wave includes the white ranger from Mighty Morphin (Kibaranger in Dairanger), The Shadow Ranger from SPD (Dekamaster in Dekaranger), and the red ranger from Dino Charge (KyoryuRed in Kyoryuger).

Each ranger is going to include a wide array of accessories such as additional hands, weapons, unhelmeted heads (American actors only, of course), and the figures will be show accurate (no more roid rage bodies).

In addition, the first wave will include Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Lord Zedd, who was the first American made villain.

Goldar (Grifferzor in Zyuranger) will also see a release as a Gamestop exclusive.

They are all available for preorder now at various sites including Hasbro's new website Hasbro Pulse.

Goldar is also available for preoder.

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