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Guilty Pleasure Anime

Guilty pleasures are technically defined as something, such as movies, television programs, or piece of music that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

In my mind this equates to what the normal everyday people would not enjoy. Those loves are then considered guilty pleasures. For example in my work life, my colleagues are amazed that I listen to death metal and love horror movies among other things. Then adding in the fact that I love anime, to them watching cartoons as an adult, blows their minds. While I do not consider these guilty pleasures, it is always what is seen in the eye of the beholder.

But wait, I can hear it in your heads asking this question - Are you using this article to be preachy?!?!?! No, I promise you it is not that at all. Just thought I would set the tone here.

Mainly due to the fact that within the anime world, there are tons of guilty pleasures. Series or movies that are not beloved by the masses and are considered strange to others.

We all have that one or 20 series that we love to watch hiding under the covers in our beds out of fear of the strange looks. It could be hentai, fan service, harem, or some other sort of anime. For me it is reverse harem or sappy romance anime that have a ton of pretty boys. Drives my husband insane too when I pull a series up that I am going to binge while he does something else.

With that said, I wanted to share a few of my favorite guilty pleasure anime and why I love them.

1. Itazura Na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) – This is an older series from 2005 to 2006 and stars Kotoko a ditzy girl that has the worst day in the world. She is rejected by her crush, embarrassed in front of the school, and has her house destroyed from a minor earthquake. This girlie then is forced to move in with her father’s old friend whose son happens to be her crush that is extremely rude to her. This series has a ton of ups and down, is heartwarming, and well worth the watch. Sadly it does not receive a ton of love in the states and has only been released on DVD subtitled. But that is enough for me as I have watched it at least 20 times as it is so good!!!!!

2. Brothers Conflict – The title is kind of misleading if you have never heard of this series. However I can promise you it is not about a brother and sister falling in love (well they are not blood related and have only just met), those shows scare me. It is a cute series about getting to know your family and finding a place for yourself in chaos. I would say more about the show, however it would ruin the fun of a good watch.

3. Uta No Prince – This is a musical anime that has reverse harem/romance elements, but it is mostly about a band that are coming together to make a place and name for themselves. It is full of pretty boys, fan service, catchy music, and a lone girl in the middle to handle all this testosterone. This series has been going on since 2011 and is coming up to its fifth incarnation. Also it is based on an Otome game and definitely showcases all of those elements very well.

This is a snippet of what I love in my guilty pleasure selections along with so many more. And that is the great thing about anime, there is so much diversity and has something for everyone. Maybe next time I will share what I love about other shows I enjoy.

In the comments, share what guilty pleasures you enjoy. I would love to know more about your interests.


Cruellica Kain

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