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Discotek's Release of Message from Space Galactic Wars Now Available for Preorder.

Toei's Star Wars rip-off "Message from Space Galactic Wars" is now available for preorder with a release date of October 29th. If you preorder it via Rightstuf (link below), like Juspion, it will most likely ship early.

The link to Rightstuf is:

For those who are unfamiliar with this show, here is the production description:

Message from Space: Galactic Wars contains episodes 1-27 of the Television Series presented in standard definition on blu-ray disc.

Centuries after the people of Earth master interstellar travel, humanity is thriving across the galaxy. The colonists of the 15th Solar System live in harmony with the natives, fostering lives of peace and simple beauty. But this all changes when the Gavanas Empire arrives, as the merciless despot Roxair XIII quickly conquers the 15th Solar System and enslaves all life there to his cause!

Leading the fight against the Gavanas are a scrappy band of rebels: wide-eyed rookie pilot Hayato Gen, cynical veteran Ryu, and steady ally Balu. Guided by the beautiful Sofia and a mysterious set of dying words from Hayato’s father, the trio travel the 15th Solar System, righting wrongs and making allies as they foment rebellion against their conquerors.

This early TV live action space opera was conceived by superhero giant Shotaro Ishinomori (Kamen Rider,Cyborg 009). Starring Hiroyuki Sanada (Avengers:Endgame,Westworld TV,Lost) in one of his first roles! Message From Space: Galactic Wars combines impressive fight scenes by the incomparable Japan Action Club and stunning space battles long before the age of CGI.

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