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Boom! Studios to turn Fiveman into a Power Rangers comic series.

Boom! Studios, the comic book company that has been having a successful string of Power Rangers comics, has announced they will be turning the Sentai group Fiveman into a Power Rangers team known as Supersonic. The exact details are unknown outside of that the team will be a group of aliens and Boom is also creating their own green ranger to join them.

What is Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, you ask? It is a Sentai series from 1990 and is most notable for being Hirohisa Soda's final show as head writer. The man had been running Super Sentai from 1982 with Dai Sentai Goggle V up through Fiveman, which was also when Toei considered shelving the franchise due to its low ratings and toy sales.

You can check out a review I did of the show here:

Some people have questioned why Fiveman was chosen over any other Pre-Zyuranger Sentai team. My guess is that Shout! Factory plans to release Fiveman on DVD later on next year and this is their way of getting Power Ranger fans familiarized with the team. Only time will tell if that is the case, but as I said, that is my guess.

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