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Anime Detour 2019

Hi Everyone, Cruellica Kain here! Anime Detour was a busy and fun event this year. This year we had the opportunity to host a number of fun panels and engage with so many other fans who love anime and pop culture as much as I do. Having been my fourth time attending the convention, it is still a positive experience. However, like everything in the world there were negatives as well. Sadly nothing is perfect. L

With that said, here is a breakdown of the positives and negative of the con.


Diverse Content: There are so many options to choose, including panels, concerts, video rooms, and people watching. With so much to choose from, it is hard to get bored as there is never a free moment.

Convention Panel Placement: Having the convention areas spread out throughout the hotel helped to prevent too many people clusters. Allows everyone not to feel uncomfortable in the convention space.

Staff: All of the staff and volunteers at this convention were very respectful, positive, and tried to help as much as possible. They never made anyone feel uncomfortable. It made going up to them with questions much easier.

Charity Auction: Like always this was a great experience and with this year’s we all moved to a different room. This room was a great idea to reduce distraction and improve the flow of the auction. Also it allowed for my entertainment overall!


Diverse Content: There is so much to choose from during each hour of the day. Sometimes having too much to choose from can be a distraction, leaving attendees to feel as though they cannot do everything that they want.

Staff: While the staff and volunteers were positive and helpful, it felt like there was some issues with training and team communications. For example, we needed help with locating the programming team and we had asked three different staff members. Each person pointed us in a different direction and we still did not find who we were looking for. In speaking with others, they occasionally had a similar situation.


Anime Detour 2019 was another top notch year for all anime fans alike. All ages of fans did not feel alienated and we had a lot of great experiences. If you are in the Minneapolis area or are able to travel there easily, I would definitely recommend checking them out. They are well worth it for great content, guests, and fun!!!!

If you have any questions, feedback, or insights, please share. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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