Aug 21, 2018

The Officially Released in the US on DVD/BD Thread


Edited: Oct 7

I thought I would post here Toku series that have been officially released or announced on DVD or Blu-Ray in the US. I know I am going to be missing a few titles, so please feel free to post what I am missing.


Super Sentai:


Jetman - Shout! Factory

Zyuranger - Shout! Factory

Dairanger - Shout! Factory

Kakuranger - Shout! Factory

Ohranger - Shout! Factory

Carranger - Shout! Factory

Megaranger - Shout! Factory

Gingaman- Shout! Factory

GoGo Five - Shout! Factory

Timeranger - Shout! Factory

Gaoranger - Shout! Factory

Hurricaneger - Shout! Factory




Ultra Q - Mill Creek

Ultraman - Mill Creek

UltraSeven - Mill Creek

The Return of Ultraman - Mill Creek

Ultraman Ace - Mill Creek

Ultraman Taro - Mill Creek

Ultraman Leo - Mill Creek

Ultraman X - Mill Creek

Ultraman Orb - Mill Creek

Ultraman Geed - Mill Creek

Ultraman R/B- Mill Creek


Metal Heroes:


Juspion - Discotek




Season 1 - Kraken Releasing

Beast of the Demon Night - Kraken Releasing

Red Reqiuem - Kraken Releasing

Kiba The Dark Knight - Kraken Releasing

Season 2 (Makai Senki) - Kraken Releasing

The Animation - Funimation

Divine Flame - Funimation

Crimson Moon - Funimation

Vanishing Line - Funimation




Message from Space: Galactic Wars - Discotek

Super Robot Red Baron - Mill Creek

Iron King - Mill Creek


Kamen Rider:


Kamen Rider The First - Media Blasters

Dec 17, 2018

There's also the releases from Generation Kikaida. They have Kikaida, Kikaida 01, Kikaida Reboot, Kamen Rider V3, and Inuzaman in their library.

True, but I intentionally withheld those since they are only licensed for Hawaii.

Updated the list with a bunch of the announced Ultraman releases from Mill Creek.

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