Aug 20, 2018

Welcome to our forums!


Edited: Aug 21, 2018

As you know from our YouTube channel, we like to give our opinion on everything. We like everyone else to do the same. Share your thoughts throughout our forums and we can keep up the conversation here. :)

Aug 27, 2018

Hi. Am I the first one here?

Technically, yes since everyone else already registered are admins. :-) We'll see what happens after I make my video announcement tomorrow.

Aug 28, 2018

It is good to see the website up!

Dec 11, 2018

Hello, nice to see you start your own forum. Hope it works out well.

Thanks. I'm sure it will once we get more people here to keep up convesations. Sometimes I feel like Shinobi is talking to himself. :-)

Dec 12, 2018

Have you considered starting a Discord server?

Discord is more accessible to some and it may be easier to build a community there.

We've thought about it, but also we just paid for this site, so Discord may be out of the question at the moment.

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