Aug 20, 2018

Code of Conduct


Edited: Aug 21, 2018

We believe in free thought and open communications. Therefore, we do not want to limit everyone's ability to discuss, debate, and argue on topics. However, with that said, we have a few rules to follow.

1. Do not be a troll or genuinely mean to other's thoughts or opinions. Don't be afraid to argue or give your honest opinion, no matter what it is. Just don't be a total ass about it. :)

2. Try not to take offense to anyone who does argue with you. They have the right to their opinion as well and are not attacking you.

3. If you are planning on posting adult content, put 18+ in the subject line or at the start of the post.

4. Any one posting on the site should be at least 13+ or have parent's permission.

5. Finally, have fun and share your opinion. It counts and we want it!!






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