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“Entertainment through Engagement"

About Creativity by Design, LLC
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Creativity by Design is a full scale media organization that develops business, educational and entertainment content. Having started out with movie & TV reviews and press coverage via YouTube, we have expanded to share industry content and support local businesses with their creative development.

We enjoy connecting with the community to inspire others to follow their dreams. There is nothing that can stop you, except for your own fears!  Please poke around our site to learn more about who we are and what we offer. 

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The Kaiju no Kami YouTube channel has been our flagship for all things creative media. Through this, we have been able to enhance our video production skills, social media expertise, develop strong relationships within the community, and provide comprehensive content.  

Due to our diligence, determination, and drive, our team has connected with audiences throughout the world, offering top notch entertainment.  However, we would never have been able to accomplish this without one very important thing: YOU. Together, we have learned, failed, and gained so many important skills.  Thanks for everything!  And everyone new to our team, check out our flagship here.  

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