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Embertone - Sensual Saxophone Full Version [Updated] 2022




It's only as the end draws in that you can hear the detailed goodness. We've also included a huge improvement to the user interface, giving you more control over the sounds. And just as important, we've brought a host of new instruments under the axe that you'll be hearing soon, the start of a sax catalogue that is still in its infancy. Sensual Saxophone is unique amongst sax sound libraries because it is at once new and familiar. It's new because the way you interact with the sounds is familiar to you because you can play saxophone, but that's not all, it's familiar to you because the way you interact with the sounds is exactly the way it was back in the day - creating your own tones with preset instruments and amps. As well as this, the new version of Sensual Saxophone gives you more ways to hear the sounds than before, with more options for visualization in the host of new instruments. The most significant new feature is the saxophone amp and speaker model. It gives you a full sine wave of the actual frequency and amplitude of the incoming signal. So instead of hearing the digital equivalent of the signal, which is inevitably distorted, it will accurately replicate the sounds you would have produced in the real world, which will be heard as a solid tone. The volume of the amp and speaker model can be manipulated in the host of new instruments, which means you can hear the individual instruments in a given band. What's more, you can change the entire band with one key press. Sensual Saxophone also includes a flexible key structure that means you can select from a full spectrum of settings that offer the same sound to different users. You'll also notice that Sensual Saxophone has recently changed hands. In late summer 2008, we acquired the rights to Ian Crawford's entire saxophone library. This means we now have a relationship with Ian, and can call upon his talent to enhance the sax library. And of course this will only get better with time. What is the library consisted of? Masterclass 1 - Zoom WAV - Exotic acoustic saxophone library. Masterclass 2 - WAV - Fine Alto Sax (Dodelin) & Drumkit (Wouter Loepke) Masterclass 3 - WAV - Exotic acoustic Saxophone from a book of 12 Jonses. Masterclass 4 - WAV - A collection of exotic saxophone WAV, Synth WAV & Drumkit



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Embertone - Sensual Saxophone Full Version [Updated] 2022

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