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Mill Creek has Licensed the ENTIRE Ultraman Library!!!

It has been reported by fellow website SciFi Japan that Mill Creek has licensed the ENTIRE Ultraman library for release in the US on Blu-Ray (streaming rights are also included).

They will kick start these releases on October 15th with both Ultra Q and the original 1966 Ultraman series. There will be two different editions for both series. A steelbook release with a price tag of $49.99 and a regular cased version for $39.99.

The releases are slated to be Region A only (thought the article does mention Indigo Entertainment will be releasing the series in Europe), in Japanese only, with English subtitles. You can read the original article posted by SciFi Japan here:

For me personally, I am super excited as we are finally going to get one of the top favorite Toku franchises released in the US properly and with (hopefully) consistent packaging. Let's hope it doesn't take them too long to release Ultra Seven among the other Showa series that have never been released at all in the US.

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