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Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Ultraman Cosmos (2001) Series and DVD

It was the 35th anniversary of Ultraman and Tsuburaya Productions wanted to do something grandiose. As such, they decided to helm a series that would span 65 episodes as opposed to the typical 50. The next thing Tsuburaya did to make it stand out from other series, especially the recent Tiga, Dyna, Gaia trilogy, was to make it a lighthearted series right from the start. The decision was made to have the objective of the government was to capture monsters instead of killing them. This was an interesting idea because the only crime giant monsters tend to make in an Ultra series is just being a giant monster. There have been many creatures killed just because of their size without a care for whether they were malicious or not. It added an interesting element to the mix, but it begs the question, would a premise like that be able to keep up in a series that is planned to be longer than a year? Watch to find out.

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