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Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006) Series

Kamen Rider Hibiki had been a complete failure in Toei’s eyes. It had lackluster toy sales and changing the writers halfway through did not help matters. In fact, it only made things worse. As such, it was time to go back to basics with their next installment, Kamen Rider Kabuto. They hired anime writer Shoji Yonemura, who had worked on the likes of Berserk, Lupin III, and Pokemon. His first foray into the Toku realm was with a series called Sh15uya and he did write a couple of episodes of Hibiki in its second half. As such, Toei was taking a risk by bringing in a relatively unknown into the world of Kamen Rider. Was this a grandiose decision or a mistake? Watch to find out.

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