Sep 17, 2018

Supergirl Season 4 Discussion

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Supergirl's newest season is premiering soon, so come here to talk about the season as it airs along with your hopes for it.

Wow, I'm posting something in this thread. lol



That was so much better than I was expecting based on how rushed Part 2 was and how much it looked like was going to be in the episode based on the commercial.  


Loved Barry's "Okay, you're badass in every universe," and, "But we just came from the Fortress of Solitude."  


Still disappointed Shipp did jack shit as Flash after all that hype.


So that was Psycho Pirate in Part 2?  o_O  I guess they are really going to go all out with him next year. since they didn't do anything this time around  Speaking of which, called it, Crisis on Infinite Earths is next year.  Though, I would actually like to see them start the seasons off with that arc rather than doing it in the middle.  I think that would be so much cooler and original.  I do hope Black Lightning is involved with this one though.  Although, this whole thing could just be a plot to merge Earths 1 and 38 together instead of the entire multiverse.  Well that or they manage to save the multiverse rather than let it all be destroyed.  Either way, I doubt it will be as huge as it was for the comics back in the 80s, since they were merging 50+ years of content into one, but I am curious to see how it will play out.  Maybe this will be their way of creating a single universe that will allow for all of the "realistic" rules of the Arrowverse to be broken.  


Moving on, I liked how Dr Destiny made himself look like Superman, though, I was hoping for Kara to get some Kryptonite to stop him since he would not have known that was his weakness.  Nevertheless, Destiny as Superman was still a far better Superman then Henry Cavill's take.  


No idea what was going on with Brainiac 5 at the end there, but I guess they ran out of their make-up budget before they filmed their final scenes.  Speaking of Supergirl characters, what did MM mean by "It was great to be back in action?"  Is he not on the show anymore?  That seems quite random.


Cisco was quite the badass with his fake NY gangster accent.  Loved that Jimmy was one of his body guards.  


Oh boy, what type of deal did Oliver make this time?  Felicity is going to be pissed.  On the subject of deaths, kind of funny that both Supergirl and Flash were going to die there given they do die in the CoIE comic.  Though, this means they are definitely safe for the adaptation next year since it would be quite redundant otherwise.  


Stephen Amell appeared to be having so much fun in this trio that it is a shame things will be back to status quo in the next episode.  Still no idea why Nora is missing, nor why the Book of Destiny is written in the speed force language, but okay.  


Overall, no where near as solid as Crisis on Earth X, but equally as good as Invasion, if not a tad better than that just because it didn't have as many characters to juggle with (nor the stupid "Don't trust Barry" message crap).  Well, that's it for the DC shows for the next month.  Have a great Xmas and New Years everyone.  :-)

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